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We work to meet most of your Business, Events, Personal, Professional requirements by serving you the most neglected yet important categories like Camera & Lenses, Bikes & Superbikes, Laptops & Desktops, Gaming Consoles, Event Supplies, etc.

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We are one of the best laptop repairing service provider companies in Delhi NCR, and repair your device at your home/office at the cheapest possible price.  You can schedule an appointment and our technicians (OneTechies) visit you at your convenience with any required hardware which needs to be replaced and the tools to do the job.

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I am a professional photographer and I have rented many times from "RentMitr", I can say they give a package of quality, service, support and I always say to them "Din Bana Diya Bhai". You guys are doing a great job, all the very best my friend "RentMitr"!!
Professional Photographer
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